Blog three: A poem – Lucky boy (for Joanna, poem#23)

My first poem on my blog is also the most recently written.

I don’t mind admitting that I am still smitten with Jo!


Lucky boy (for Joanna, poem#23)

 Here I come

my love, with the clichés

of adoration.


I am honoured

at your determination,

still working

on this puzzle, full of resolve.

Still looking at me with

those eyes…

Still quizzically gazing upon me,

steadfastly putting the pieces together,

almost complete, but never quite finished.


I am privileged

at your purpose,

continuing to contemplate an us.

I revere you calm, your inner beauty.

Your soft words and ways.

Your strong, soft heart that pumps life

into that instinctive motherhood, you are a natural.

Naturally caring, with a love that you carry and drape

across our family, like an expensive, invisible fine goose down duvet,

unseen but we can feel it. We snuggle into it and enjoy

the blanket security it brings us.


I am fortunate

that you understood the unabridged version

of me that you first encountered.

You led the edit of a new story and

I am happy that you are happy

to continue to work on the remaining chapters.

Without you who knows?

But I know my story would not have been

so engaging, such a thriller, a wonderful page turner.


I am lucky

to be on the receiving end

of your affection.

So very grateful to share

the best years of my life

with you. You have sculpted

me with finesse into the person that I am.


I am humbled

To be with you

as you join the ranks of many

very great women, who through herstory have

done so very much for many ordinary men.






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