DJB – Darren John Beaney

I live in East Preston, on the West Sussex coast ~ 6 miles west of Worthing & ~ 20 miles west of Brighton (where I lived for a very long time).

I share my home with Jo, Esme, Ollie and Annie Cat

Jo is my wonderful wife, we met in 1999 and for me things, life, etc got better from then on! Like most couples we have had loads of fun, adventures and thankfully not very many downs… In 2000 we bought our first home, a converted fire engine – ‘Brian’

In 2003 we got wed – I wanted to show the world what Jo meant to me and she agreed with the idea.  In 2004 we had Esme and in 2007 she was joined by Ollie.

In 2014 we left Brighton and settled in East Preston. In 2017 we were joined by Annie (rescue cat).

I have written on and off since 1994 – but this year (2018) has been my most prolific and I can’t seem to stop.

I love reading and writing poetry. I have written the first and last chapter of a story (still need to fill the gaps) and lots and lots of notes for two other stories, who knows  what will happen with any of them, but I start a MA in Creative Writing in September, so maybe, just maybe…


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