Blog five – my very first pamphlets…

So – I have discovered the joys of the poetry pamphlet.

I have always consumed my poetry via book or magazine (when a paying consumer) and until now had never bought or even held a pamphlet published for poetry. I am totally taken with them. I will not review any now, I do intend to do so soon,  this is just a shout out in support of the media.

My first batch of praise goes to five pamphlets published by HappenStance Press, they are absolutely lovely! Beautifully produced and the content is first class. The pamphlets concerned are:

          Bottle by Ramona Herdman

          Someone Else’s Street by Robbie Burton

          Some Couples by Jennifer Copley

          The Anglesey Leg by Jo Field

          In The Glasshouse by Helen Tookey

They all quite different, but they contain some wonderful poems. Of the 5 it is impossible to have a favourite, they are all gems containing many gems and all are well worth spending time to read, slowly and more than once.

The next batch are published by The Emma Press and they came in two collections – the tan and the blue. Again they are lovely, the production is fantastic and the poetry is top notch! All are enjoyable and full of magic, again there is no favourite – but The Dead Snail Diaires gets a special shout because of the subject matter. The titles:

          Oils by Stephen Sexton

          Goose Fair Night by Kathy Pimlott

          The Held and the Last by Kristen Roberts

          The Emmores by Richard O’Brien

          True Tales of the Countryside by Deborah Alma

          The Dead Snail Diaries by Jamie McGarry

All of the above titles have made for a perfect starter pack for my new pamphlet collection, each is full of superb poems (few, if any of the poems are duds). I could put them into order 1 to 11, but that doesn’t seem fair.

So – if you have yet to sample a pamphlet, what is stopping you – get stuck in. If you have already done so, then you know where I am coming from – you just have a head start on me!


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