Blog fourteen: A poem – Things that​ are early and late

I do enjoy writing exercises – I am a big fan of FIVE WORDS tasks (write a poem to include five particular words) and have written a fair few.

However this task was simple – write a poem with the title –

Things that are early and late


This is a quick love story,

done in a flash.

Of fledgling young love.

The tale of eager Johnny (come lately)

and his enduring first love December.


Now Johnny was always timely,

an early riser.

So quick off the mark,

constantly first in line and

he liked an early bath,


December was never on time,

liked a late lunch.

Slow off the blocks,

she would be last through the door

and late to the party.


She described Johnny as primitive

He thought her post-modern.

He acted immature, and

she seemed wise beyond years.

He would pay in advance, but

December would always be fined.


Their first date was at nine.

She arrived at half past.

He had taken a short cut, while

she went the long way round.


He bought her spring bloomers, yet

she preferred autumnal Dahlias.

Johnny went straight for the set course, whereas

she liked to study the whole menu.


He would always dive straight in

she would dip in a toe first.

He was a bit of a newcomer, however

December felt like an old hand.

His love was acute, while

she preferred it chronic.


He fell in love early doors, as

she took a little while longer.

He quickly gave her a key (to his),

she went twice round the block

before committing.


Their timing in passion

was normally mutual.

Always in time with each other.

But then Johnny came early,

too soon.

And December ended up late!

This time really overdue.

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