Blog fifteen: A poem -Hearts of glass (for Joanna, poem#18) 

Today I have been married to Jo for 15 whole years! WOW….

It is our Glass wedding anniversary, so blog 15 is in honour of the occasion!


Hearts of glass (for Joanna, poem#18) 

Our love feels

like a crystal clear

collision of hearts

and minds.


Fine crafted

and delicate.



we greet each

new day like a

sparkle of sun light

glinting on glass.


Hearts entwined.

Vessels, of fine cut

glass, that

hold our partnership,

our communion.


And the high light

of the view on this

special morning

is seeing the realisation


that our love is like

unbreakable glass.

Bulletproof. Shatterproof.


But still ornate.

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