Blog nineteen: A poem – Hunger

A little bit of a rant this morning, a little pop about the state of the world. A world where too many people don’t get enough to eat. And….. well read the poem and you will get the gist of my thoughts and where I am coming from.

There is also a bit of a nod here to Patti Smith and Crass.



I will try not to use the F-Word,

Listen up Christian Aid!
Here’s an idea, just a suggestion.
Let’s wipe out world hunger
with some divine, dinning intervention.

What about that Bethsaida take away yarn?

Check out your Messiah back story,
see how easy 5000 were fed.
The holy Gospel cook book says
‘take some fish and a little bread’.

Scribble a simple shopping list
and nip down to your local JesusSava –

Prepare a few value loaves, medium sliced
and if the collection plate can afford,
some tins of Tuna chunks (in brine).
Mix with a prayer and a stir from your lord.

Job done!

Crack open the home brand spring water.
Blend with a nod to the font and some beatification.
What a treat, the faithful can raise a glass to
pious intoxication.

Hey presto –

The hungry can join you in a toast, with finest
House (of God) wine.
Just make sure they are thankful,
saying grace while they wait in line.

‘For what many don’t receive……’

The almighty’s vision
has got almightily contorted.
Created in his image? Then why
is the picture so distorted?

I see –

Poverty vs. Wealth
Hunger vs. Obesity

Who is the sinner?

God? Humanity? Voracity?

Surely with your god behind you
cooking up some heavenly charity
it’s easy to feed more then 5000,
behold the miracle of global parity!

The hungry die for greed’s sins, not mine!
Compassion dies for corporate sins, not mine!
Millions die for God’s sins, not mine!

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