Honey dew – an anthology of true expression

I am really excited to say that my debut poetry pamphlet Honey dew will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press on 13th December 2020.

It will be launched at Flight of the Dragonfly Spoken Word on Tuesday 8th December (on Zoom)

It will feature 21 poems of love and affection.

Here are the titles as a teaser:

Let your heart dance

Honey dew

Playing banjo on Brighton beach

First date merry-go-round

Let’s start something we won’t want to finish

Finding the fit of each other

Now it makes sense

32 to the power of 22

And she said

Still falling in love

You and me, us two

Root and branch 

Chasing her & the planets

Porridge, my love

This is a love song

The colour of our love

Evening in

Amorous queries

Surfin’ girl

Photo booth

The missing bit

As soon as it is available to order I will share the details!

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