How many t-shirts?

I wondered how many t-shirts do I actually have?  To find out I’ll wear a different one everyday, take a picture, post it. I’ll try to keep going until I get through them all. I am not sure if any one is as interested in this question as I am – but hey! What ever…

Today is day 23 which means it is t-shirt 23… And here it is.

Would you look at that –

it is a Flight of Dragonflies t-shirt.

And it just so happens that we have our latest instalment of Flight of the Dragonfly tonight.

Once again we will be taking flight on Zoom.

All the reader slots are full and we have a wonderful guest poet Damien B Donnelly – you can find out more about Dami here

There are still some “seats” available to join us and to listen to some fantastic words.

Click here to join us

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