The Machinery of Life

Exciting news from Bean World, via Hedgehog Land….

The Machinery of Life is at the printers and with a fair wind it should be ready in time for pre-sales and official release on 5th July…

I am super excited about this – 23 poems of love. Here is what has been said about it already:

Darren J Beaney is proof that there’s always something new to say about love, in the right hands. In these refreshingly original poems, various and many aspects of love are touched upon, and whatever the subject – whether it’s glamorous mythology or gluttonous middle-age spread – Beaney succeeds in not just finding the beauty within but in managing to clearly express an undeniable truth: that while love remains the most brittle thing, it’s when our bodies start to break down that love, very often, proves itself to be stronger than ever before.  
Thomas McColl

In ‘The Machinery of Life’ Darren J Beaney returns to the territory of his pamphlet, ‘Honey dew’: drawing on myth, literature, and his own experience he explores the subject that has occupied poets through time: the nature of love. This is, however, is love as lived in the twenty-first century captured in poetry that is inventive, witty, and frequently surprising but never slushy or sentimental. This is true love as experienced by a man with middle age spread who cannot believe his luck and whose poems gives hope for us all.

Nigel Kent

Darren J Beaney writes vibrant love poems that are beautifully sincere. They tackle an old theme with a modern, questing eye, capturing the shifting weather of the heart through exciting imagery, playful verbs and luminous small details.

John McCullough

I  love that these words are about The Self – But not self-indulgent. There’s no ego here, just words – Take ‘em or leave ‘em.

There’s so much hate in this world any bit of loving’s gotta be alright.

Steve Ignorant

Stayed tuned folks…

MoL – cover…

The Machinery of Life

Very excited to let everyone know that my second poetry pamphlet will be published by the wonderful Hedgehog Poetry Press on 5 July 2021.

The Machinery of Life tries to answer the age-old question – what is love? 

A question that has fascinated scientists, philosophers, historians, playwrights, novelists, songwriters and poets for centuries. Well, this pamphlet of 23 poems of love may or may not answer the question, but it does offer some ‘romantic’ food for thought. The poems show love in many forms – as chaos and addiction, serious and fun. The poems try to convey the message that love can be the real thing, can be be peaceful, comforting and at times exhilarating. 

On more than one occasion there are a few fleeting appearances from Eros and some of the other stars of Greek mythology. There is some philosophy, a smattering of humour, some self-deprecation (I had to be careful how I wrote that) and a bit of under the sheets risqué. Along the way it becomes clear that love is a splendid thing! 

The Machinery of Life shows that love takes many forms and can be expressed in a variety of ways, it does not all have to be a cliché, wine and roses, gushing sonnets and stary eyes. It shows that love can be elegant and it can be punk rock. It illustrates that no one should be afraid to show their love, even if the way they choose to do so is not considered the romantic way. 

The Machinery of Life may not give any one the answer to the question – what is love? But it may start to answer the question – what’s love got to do with it?


love has everything to do with it, it is after all The Machinery of Life.

I will post details on how to get a copy soon, as well as details of a launch event!

Valentine’s Day – Honey Dew

So – not long until Valentine’s Day. Why not get in the mood by buying Honey Dew

21 poems of love all bound together in a lovely little pamphlet published by the very lovely

Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Go on, treat yourself or someone you love.

You can read a review the wonderful poet Nigel Kent here

And – you can buy the e-book or print edition here

Honey Dew

New poems

I have two poems about to be published by City Limits Publishing (USA).

One will appear in an anthology called “A New Love Blooms”

the other will be in an anthology called “Tis Better to Have loved and Lost”.

Both anthologies will be released on 4th February 2021 and can be bought using the links below

Blog fifteen: A poem -Hearts of glass (for Joanna, poem#18) 

Today I have been married to Jo for 15 whole years! WOW….

It is our Glass wedding anniversary, so blog 15 is in honour of the occasion!


Hearts of glass (for Joanna, poem#18) 

Our love feels

like a crystal clear

collision of hearts

and minds.


Fine crafted

and delicate.



we greet each

new day like a

sparkle of sun light

glinting on glass.


Hearts entwined.

Vessels, of fine cut

glass, that

hold our partnership,

our communion.


And the high light

of the view on this

special morning

is seeing the realisation


that our love is like

unbreakable glass.

Bulletproof. Shatterproof.


But still ornate.

Blog fourteen: A poem – Things that​ are early and late

I do enjoy writing exercises – I am a big fan of FIVE WORDS tasks (write a poem to include five particular words) and have written a fair few.

However this task was simple – write a poem with the title –

Things that are early and late


This is a quick love story,

done in a flash.

Of fledgling young love.

The tale of eager Johnny (come lately)

and his enduring first love December.


Now Johnny was always timely,

an early riser.

So quick off the mark,

constantly first in line and

he liked an early bath,


December was never on time,

liked a late lunch.

Slow off the blocks,

she would be last through the door

and late to the party.


She described Johnny as primitive

He thought her post-modern.

He acted immature, and

she seemed wise beyond years.

He would pay in advance, but

December would always be fined.


Their first date was at nine.

She arrived at half past.

He had taken a short cut, while

she went the long way round.


He bought her spring bloomers, yet

she preferred autumnal Dahlias.

Johnny went straight for the set course, whereas

she liked to study the whole menu.


He would always dive straight in

she would dip in a toe first.

He was a bit of a newcomer, however

December felt like an old hand.

His love was acute, while

she preferred it chronic.


He fell in love early doors, as

she took a little while longer.

He quickly gave her a key (to his),

she went twice round the block

before committing.


Their timing in passion

was normally mutual.

Always in time with each other.

But then Johnny came early,

too soon.

And December ended up late!

This time really overdue.

Blog four: A poem – Surround sound

(Is this what poetry sounds like? Who knows? I am not even sure if this makes any real sense)


Surround sound

Surrounded by sounds of:

Grass gently blowing
in the tenderness of a back door
the whispers of sleeping babies,
hearing a pin drop at 1000 feet
into nothing,
the door-bell chimes powered by
dead batteries,
the goose down feathers hitting
the earth as they fall from
muted migrating geese,
the ear protectors working
overtime in the dead of night,
the smouldering ashes of passion
all around us – drowned out by
the beating of loves
full heart.