It has been a while…

COVID 19 has taken a grip on the world. I haven’t written anything for a while – but here is a poem… Isolation



ultimately got the better of my

protracted period of procrastination.

Penned poems for the first time in an age.

Words filtered from brain fog by my living room cage.


Stranded on the sofa, all by my self

in my effort to maintain our national health.

I usually do not bother composing with rhyme,

but sod it, I put in the effort as I have the time.


The television presenter tells me “shops are manic”,

but I didn’t rush out to spend cash in a panic.

I have sufficient food, plenty to eat

and ample stocks of toilet paper    –    one shit per one sheet.


I am bored, but contented. Snug and safe in here,


I had the foresight to stock up on my favourite


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